Soon 2

Dear son,
As I sit here tub side and watch you bath and play in the water. I feel like its all still a beautiful dream. You have quite a large vocabulary now. You love to koooooser med mama and we play hard like best friends. You still love going to school and you are a favorite amongst your classmates and teachers. I love you so much my heart fills with pure joy when I hold you and kiss you goodnight.

Dreaming tub side,



Lady bug

Dear Noha,
Still my heart flutters every time you smile, laugh, or just sit and stare at me. You have began to babble alot. Your words are music to my soul.

You are in love with your daycare and enjoy spending time with teachers and classmates. You are known as the child that brings humor and happiness to the class. Everyone knows your name and enjoy your presents and miss you when you are not there. You had a dress up day and with the help of our friends we got you a ladybug costume. It’s was so cute but I apologize if you don’t agree with our choice.

Oh so fast.

Dear Noah,

I want to start by saying that I love you. The elements of this small family has intertwined and a become one. As time flies by it leaves mountains of feathers behind. So I will do my best to catch them and put them on display here on this blog.  I have collected planets of feathers spanning from MAY till now. So I will start from the last family trip to Malaga Spain.

Its been a year already and here we are again. It has become a tradition now to visit Almayate in the fall. This time we had an addition to the gang Astrid Elisabeth, Jørgen, and there 2 children Henrik and Marta. There was sun and fun with all the families and dearest friends. Thank you all.


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Dear Noah,

The spring has sprung. The air is still crisp and cool in the lungs. The sunshine is present but is easily  outdone by your laughter and smiles.

You love bubbels.

The day Norway marches in the name of declaration and icecream.

From 9 to 10 part 3

Home. Nothing like it.

You tastes just about everything we eat.

There were just 2 teeth and now 4.

Like I said. You taste everything. (Fruit mustache)

From 9 to 10 part 2

After Easter vacation your jet setting adventures continued. Destination, Canary Islands with Mama and friends Oda Elisa, Kristine og Tarjei.

From 9 to 10 part 1

Dear Noah,

The day seem to fly by when i have you close and time seems to stand still when your away from home. Nowadays in Mama’s arms you find your safe haven. With your head resting gently on her breast and her arms in full embrace you seem to fade away into pure bliss. There is nothing in this world that i would rather witness then the sight of you and her together. Its more powerful then any sunrise.

All that is new(by Mama)- You can walks around the table and when holding hands, sometimes you forgets to hold on to anything and you stand up for a little while.

You can clap and you drum on things more than ever. You can say: dadda (daddy), mamma (sometimes baba), nam nam (Its good), nei nei, ta-ta (takk takk), puh (pus), ma (cat sound mjau).

Easter was funny with fam:

Elske deg Mor Mor